The “inside information” that allowed me to predict a TRUMP win months ago


I first started taking a TRUMP candidacy seriously in September of 2015 when I heard one of his speeches in full and understood the connection his words would have with disenfranchised Americans and others left behind.  The one benefit of a criminal record is that I know what it feels like to be rejected by the majority of Society or told you are “less than” now and into the future because of a decision you made in the past or  circumstances in which you now find yourself.

When others laughed at TRUMP for his choice of language, I argued that it was done intentionally to both reach and persuade the most people.  Where Mitt Romney would call someone a “dissembler” because he wanted everyone to know how intelligent he was, TRUMP would call that same person a liar because he wanted his opinion to be clear and did not care what the “elites” thought of his intelligence (I know a lawyer that did a deal with TRUMP over a decade ago and described him as “off-the-charts brilliant”).  TRUMP was speaking directly to Americans and was not shy about his belief that the Main Stream Media was a propaganda tool of the Establishment.  He viewed them only as a tool to be used when necessary and ignored and called out as frauds when not.  People found that candor — especially in the oppressive age of political-correctness and Social Justice Warrior bullying that we find ourselves in — refreshing and worthy of support.  If someone identified as a TRUMP voter you could be certain that regardless of the whether or social scorn they faced on the day of the Election, they would show up to vote.

So what was the inside information that I had that allowed me to predict a TRUMP win for near a year and pinned the above tweet months ago?  Simple, I ignored the Media and Polls and evaluated what I saw and heard directly and without their lens. When I was investing, I always viewed the word of politicians or executives as a “currency” that they could print to buy the response they wanted from the Market.  The MSMedia and professional pundit’s words this Election were no different.  If TRUMP’s win helps more of the public think for themselves going forward, democracy and Society will benefit beyond anything else that he does or policy decisions he makes.  Trust your judgment.